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Tulytours - Traveling with Nia

Tulynia, Tuscany & Umbria 2.5.23 - 6.5.23

Tulynia, Morocco 11.11.22-16.1122

Tulynia, Peleponese, Greece 15.9.22-19.9.22

Tulynia Montenegro
25.6.22 -30.6.22

INDIA 2/2/20 - 12/2/20

What an intense experience, Tulynia in South India!

Here are some highlights:


5 February 2019 - 14 February 2019

The Sprirt of Tulynia meets the Spirit of India

An amazing journey to a country which turns up all the senses to full volume - sight, sound, smell and taste. We danced NIA in stunning locations, on the banks of the Ganges, by the serene pool, in a special studio, on the bus and at the airport!!  Such an intensive and empowering experience!! 

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