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Students' Stories


NIA Student and White Belt, Country Dekel 

Yael Koskas

I have been dancing all my life from Ballet to Jazz to Zumba so when I was diagnosed with arthritis I was devastated. I thought I'd never dance again! Luckily I found Tuly and NIA. I was so emotional after my first lesson! I just felt like NIA was created especially for me. NIA to me is not just a fitness or dance workout.  NIA is also a social community. I have made some very special friends who just like me love moving to the beat both in dance and in life.  


NIA Student

Havi Shaikier


Different people join us on our journey of life – some more than others. It was a great surprise for me that NIA dance entered my life. Through NIA I meet wonderful women who are now part of the concert of my life conducted by Tuly. NIA has reached every organ, bone  and fiber in my body and has entered deep into my soul. I have learned to be in total contact with this liberating and empowering experience which makes it possible to fly to imaginary points in the universe as the echoes of dance follow you like a bridal train.


NIA Student,

Mali Kudsi

I discovered NIA three years ago, since I really enjoy music and dance, and I found “the one my soul loves.” I felt an immediate connection after the first lesson and since then NIA is part of me and my body. The combination of the music, 52 moves and fitness makes NIA so unique. Tuly, with fire burning inside of her and every muscle in her body moving to the music, brings such a powerful energy to the class and sweeps us all into the dance.  NIA is one of my little pleasures of the week.  So, when I’m tired and exhausted I pull myself together and as soon as I get to the class all is released and disappears within the variety of movement, positive energy and the bond between the girls in the room.  My adrenalin is high and I feel great. This is more important than any change in body tone, muscle strength and movement flexibility. Professionalism, knowledge and the exact blend of music, movement, timing and atmosphere is all added to Tuly’s  smiling, relaxed, pleasant and special personality. None of the classes are boring and each class is different from the next. I leave the class smiling and feeling happy and relaxed. Happiness comes in many ways and this is one of my happy moments. Thank you Tuly from all my heart.


Eti Idan

NIA Student

I have been dancing NIA with Tuly for 5 years. I meet Tuly at a workshop at the school where I work and I immediately fell in love. I must point out that I have suffered from arthritis for 20 years and before NIA I could hardly move. NIA allowed me to move at my own pace and level and simply brought me back to 20 years ago. What I haven’t said is that I am a former dancer so dance is completely in my body and before NIA I never believed I would dance again. So, believe, dance and succeed. Thanks to the one and only Tuly, from all my heart.


Gaby Ben Avraham

NIA Student

I, I, I,

Am nia I am

A diligent student of my body.

I feel my face with my hands,

I crawl, I snuggle

Like a snake,

I've  become addicted to contrasts,

I stretch to the ceiling.



    Closing fists.

My wise hands move freely

Like birds in

An airy dance.

Towards the end there is

A need to cool down,


To take the time and breath

Back to here and now,

Back to my self.

All rights reserved to Gaby Ben Avraham

nia-mark-2000px (1).jpg

Tami Sasson

NIA Student, Matan

I haven’t stopped dancing since that morning, a few years ago when I met Tuly and NIA. Indeed, I have no intention of stopping.  The uniqueness of NIA is the combination of rhythmic movement and the accompanying music. Tuly with all her experience, adapts the music and the beat to her students and the vibe of the day. Tuly has brought NIA to many people all over Israel and over the years has encouraged new teachers with the aim to make NIA known to more and more. When the class begins it is like she waves a magic wand and the atmosphere is full of pleasure, rhythm and good spirits.  You can’t help but be part of the NIA atmosphere. Tuly makes sure that there are no dull moments during her class. NIA is not just another workout – you have to try a class to understand and once you do you’ll be hooked!

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