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What is NIA?


NIA lets everyone dance and move with pleasure.


NIA combines several movement techniques from:

Dance Arts - modern dance, jazz and Duncan

Martial Arts - Tai Chi, Taekwondo and Aikido

Healing Arts - Yoga, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique


The main principle of NIA is the joy of movement and it’s for everyone! You choose from three levels of motion and three levels of fitness intensity according to what feels right for you!

The music can be rhythmic and upbeat or calm and relaxing.

NIA helps you develop awareness of your body, cardio fitness and body toning. NIA improves your strength, agility, stability, flexibility, coordination and both physical and emotional functioning.

Through sensory enjoyment, NIA develops awareness of the body, fitness and design, work on joints, motility and improves coordination and physical and emotional functioning.


NIA is suitable for anyone of any age and fitness level! Everyone can maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle through dance, movement, fun and just feeling free and letting go!

NIA is varied, and each class is different. Every class has a focus and guiding principle which is reflected in the dances throughout the session.

Some classes are rhythmic and dynamic, and others can be calmer and relaxed.

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